Our Involvement


Our federal government continues to sell blocks of ocean to fossil fuel interests. We made ourselves known at the Superdome, last March. Auctions are now online. The offshore auction plan for 2017-2022 kept drilling out of the Atlantic and most of the Arctic. Yet our Gulf remains a sacrifice zone. The President has the power to cancel all future sales. You could give him a ring? 202-456-1111



The Bakken Fields of North Dakota put fracking on the map. Energy Transfer Partners wants to move that gooey black all the way down to the Gulf. We’ve got the refineries! We’ve got the ports! First step: build the Dakota Access Pipeline. Last step: build the Bayou Bridge Pipeline. We’ll see you in Assumption Parish, February 8th!


Sustainable Energy for New Orleans

Does integrated resource planning sound familiar? It’s 2017 and the city’s 2015 plan still isn’t finalized. Entergy now wants to build a gas-fired power plant in New Orleans East. Tax dollars would fund the project. Entergy would make a profit. Sitting next to a levee, the site is sinking faster than the rest of our sinking land. Entergy is a regulated monopoly in New Orleans, so City Council has full say in the energy direction of our city.